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Pro HOA Company

Simpsonville, South Carolina

Branding | Web Design

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Branding and Logo Design

Kitty and Pro HOA Company came to us at the companies inception. They had a purpose, lots of experience in their industry, and a transparent approach that is much needed in the Home Owner's Association market.

We designed their logo with their core beliefs in mind. The level of Professionalism, Family-focus, and Commitment to Transparency that Pro HOA Company stands for is reflected in their logo.

Responsive Website Design

When it came to their website, Pro HOA Company needed a site that was fast, secure, and easy to navigate on desktop and mobile devices. Since users would be making payments and referencing documentation about their neighborhoods through the site.

Pro HOA Company's site not only had to be user friendly for their HOA members, but it needed to be informative for any potential HOA's that might be interested in using the many services they offer. Thankfully Kitty has so much experience that she was able to supply us with more than enough information for her company.

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