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Modernize Branding

Mike and Sandra have been in the commerical landscaping bsiness for over 30 years, and for the last 30 years, their company has had the same logo. While their service has remained timely, their marketing needed an update.

So we did away with the old font face, and went with something a little more modern and sleek. Instead of their old box logo, we pulled out the most important part of their logo and simplified some elemts to give it a different feel, and allowing us to use the tree element for an icon where needed.

Responsive Website Design

Once their logo was updated, we needed to do the same thing with their website. It was a responsive site that covered everything the company did in detail. While there wasn't anything wrong with that, Carolina Greenscape decided that they would rather go with a stream-lined, simplified website design.

Now they have an ultra-fast responsive website that matches their modern, innovative approach to commercial landscape management.

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